Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

The current Yemen Humanitarian Crisis escalated in 2015 at the start of the war. Even though it was in making for decades. On one side it is government forces with its international allies and on the other side, it is rebels and separative movements who fight among themselves as well. Amidst all this fighting, the biggest losers are the civilians. This war has made millions of Yemeni children orphans and millions of Yemeni women have become widows. Humanity Care Relief relief is on the ground delivering humanitarian aid to the Yemeni Orphans, Yemeni Widows, and families struggling to survive.

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World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Since the start of the Yemen war, UN and international aid agencies have called Yemen Humanitarian Crisis, the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis.” You have come on this page because you care about the Yemen orphans, widows, and kids facing starvation. Right now, there are over 13 million people facing starvation due to a lack of food supplies.

A staggering 80% of Yemen’s population requires humanitarian aid.

Over 4 million displaced within Yemen

80% of Yemen’s population is suffering from the brutality of the Yemen war. This war has made over 4 million people homeless within their own country. Making it one of the world’s largest refugee crises within its own country. The conflict between the government and its international allies against the rebels has so far caused more than 12,000 civilian death. Looking at the number of deaths one might think that the Syrian Crisis sounds more brutal than the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis. More people died in Syria due to the war spread across the whole country. In Yemen, war is not active in every region but the destructions can be seen everywhere.

Blockade and international sanctions have made the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis one of the world’s worst. These restrictions have taken the food prices sky-high. The conflict has completely destroyed Yemen’s economy. Homes, businesses, agricultural farms, and vital parts of the civilian infrastructure have been destroyed. Local food production has reduced by 70% making millions jobless and completely reliant on help from international charities.

Yemen Humanitarian Crisis – Why do we need to help them now?

  • 1 in 5 children are malnourished
  • 12,000 civilians died in the conflict but a staggering 225,000+ lost their lives from indirect causes such as lack of food and health care
  • 80% of Yemen population heavily relies on humanitarian aid from international charities
  • 50% of Yemen population is one step away from famine
  • 16 million lack access to clean drinking water

Now you can see why Muslim charities working in Yemen are asking for donations towards their Yemen Emergency Appeal. The Yemen crisis is getting worse with each passing day. Kids starving, more and more Yemenis becoming refugees, children becoming orphans, and women becoming widows, it will take decades for the situation in Yemen to become normal.

Yemen Food Appeal

Donate a food pack for Yemen and help us feed a family affected by this humanitarian crisis. Humanity Care Relief is one of the Muslim charities that have a team on the ground in the heart of conflict zone. We are providing life-saving food and water aid for hundreds of families. Over the years, Muslims in the UK, Europe, and the Americas have donated generously towards our Yemen Food Appeal, and this enabled us to provide food for orphans in Yemen, Widows in Yemen, and families who have been severely affected by war.

Yemen Water Appeal

Right now, Yemen is suffering from the worst drought in its history. Many areas have not had a drop of rain for months. Underground water levels are extremely low and without specialised equipment, it is impossible to extract clean drinking water. Digging a well in Yemen is extremely hard and is very expensive. Humanity Care Relief has previously built water wells in Yemen, however, the cost of building a water well in Yemen is around £15k-£20k. Water supply in these wells is not guaranteed as water could run out at any time.

This is the reason why HCR procures water from bigger water stations and delivers the drinking water house to house. This enables each family to store drinking water for few days.

Donate a water tank and help a Yemeni family store clean drinking water.

Donate a water tanker and help us provide clean drinking water for Yemeni families on a daily basis.

Our response to Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

Since the start of the conflict, HCR has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Yemen. With Allah’s help and your generosity, we have helped over 20,000 people. Right now, we are helping hundreds of Yemeni families by providing…

  • Monthly food packs
  • Clean drinking water
  • Cash grants to help them cover their day to day expenses

We work alongside locals to make sure our aid reaches the most vulnerable.

Help us do more for the people of Yemen

Yemen is facing hardship from three fronts

War | Disease | Hunger

Years of war and international sanctions have left the country on the brink of famine. For millions of orphans, widows, elderly, and families life remains a daily struggle. This war needs to stop NOW! and the international community needs to come together to help the people of Yemen rebuild their country. If we don’t do this then the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis is going to get bigger and bigger with each passing day, week, month, and year.

FAQ – Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

Muslim charities working in Yemen include…

Humanity Care Relief

Green Lane Task Force

Islamic Relief

Muslim Hands

Unite 4 Humanity

Dabbagh Welfare Trust

Other humanitarian charities working in Yemen include…

Save the Children



World Food Programme

There are four ways to help the people of Yemen during this humanitarian crisis

  1. Pray for Yemen
  2. Donate for Yemen Crisis Appeal
  3. Volunteer for a charity to raise funds for Yemen Humanitarian Crisis Appeal
  4. Raise awareness about the Yemen Crisis among your family, friends, and colleagues

Donate online at, along with many other Muslim charities, Humanity Care Relief is working in Yemen. We are delivering life-saving food and water aid. We also distribute Zakat in Yemen to help widows & orphans.

Fill in the fundraiser page at, we will then Insha’Allah set up the fundraiser page for you to start fundraising for Yemen. We do not use third parties like JustGiving because they take a huge commission from the funds. HCR tries to make sure that 90% of the money raised for the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis goes to Yemen. The remaining 10% is reinvested back in the charity to raise more funds and to cover administration costs. HCR does not have any salaried staff, all work apart from Marketing is carried out by volunteers.

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