Wheelchairs for the Poor and Disabled

Verily your sustenance depends on supporting the weak.

Imagine a life where you have to drag yourself on the bare floor just to get around in your own house. You will always be in dirty clothes, covered in dust and unhygienic as you will be able to protect yourself from impurities on the ground. Unfortunately, for millions of disabled people around the world, this is an everyday story.

Donate a Wheel and help give self-respect and self-belief to disadvantaged people with disabilities.

Your donations will bring the joy of mobility and independence to the lives of hundreds of disabled people around the world. By providing them with a wheelchair through our Wheelchairs for the Poor and Disabled programme, you are giving them a chance to live a life with respect and dignity.

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Donate Wheelchairs for the Poor and Disabled

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Donate a Wheel Chair

Humanity Care Relief is on the ground in Pakistan, Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Bangladesh and throughout Africa. With your generous donations, we are taking care of the poor and the needy. With the help of the Wheelchairs for the Poor and Disabled programme Humanity Care Relief distributes wheelchairs to the PWD on a regular basis.

£60 – will provide a disabled person in Pakistan with a wheelchair to sit and move around rather than just sitting and dragging themselves on the bare floor.

£75 – will provide a disabled person in Syria with a wheelchair to sit and move around rather than just sitting and dragging themselves on the bare floor.

£90 – will provide a disabled person in Yemen with a wheelchair to sit and move around rather than just sitting and dragging themselves on the bare floor.

£175 – will provide a disabled person in Gaza with a wheelchair to sit and move around rather than just sitting and dragging themselves on the bare floor.

Disability in Pakistan

Approximately 5 million people in Pakistan are disabled. That’s those who are registered the number would far increase if we included those who were not registered.

Of these 5 million, 43% are children. That’s nearly half the total number. These people with disabilities (PWD) have every right to live, thrive and progress in society just as those without disabilities. However, the situation in Pakistan is quite different.

The people with disabilities (PWD) suffer from little or no support from the government, they rely on their family, kind and caring well-wishers and relief agencies.

The phenomenon is this, very little relief and few agencies actually are able to get their aid to these PWD. For one reason or another, the PWD in Pakistan continues to suffer in silence. We have witnessed children being carried around by their relatives because they don’t have a wheelchair. This is something basic there should be no shortage of. We witnessed children not attending school because they cannot afford to, again this is a basic right of all children. We witnessed mother’s and fathers of PWD become weak, ill and sick due to caring for their PWD children for many years. There should be helpful for them so they too can live a peaceful and healthy life. Medication for their disabled loved ones and children are unaffordable in most cases. So they are left to fend for themselves.

Disability in Syria

In Syria, a staggering 3.7 million people have a disability. Right now, Syria is not the place to live for the disabled. A country still on the edge after a brutal war and millions still living in camps inside and outside the country, the disabled are the last ones on the list of priorities for aid agencies. A lot has been done but it is still not enough.

The impact of disabilities is compounded inside Syria where individuals with disabilities experience increased threats of violence and limited access to essential income-generating activities and medical assistance as a result of the Syrian conflict. 62 per cent of individuals with disabilities are out-of-work, as compared to 48 per cent of those with no disability.

Humanity Care Relief is on the ground helping Syrian families with your sadaqah & zakat. We are providing wheelchairs for the disabled and financial support for widows and orphans. As well as food packs and winter packs for Syrian families living in camps and temporary accommodations. Donate generously, towards our Syria Crisis Appeal and help us take care of thousands of Syrian families facing the hardest time of their lives.

Disability in Yemen

Right now, Yemen is not the place to live if you are a person with a disability. People with disabilities (PWD) are one of the most vulnerable groups in society during armed conflicts. According to the statistics, four million persons with disabilities live in Yemen. Lack of access and the use of rehabilitation services make PWD unable to retrieve their social and economic roles, which would have substantial negative impacts both on their families and community. The conflict escalation, an increase in the number of displaced, COVID-19 pandemic, an increase in non-communicable diseases, and the exacerbation of poverty and malnutrition have rapidly enhanced the population at risk of disability in Yemen.

Since 2017-18, HCR has been on the ground in many parts of Yemen. We are providing food and water aid to thousands of Yemeni families. Your support towards Yemen Emergency Appeal has enabled us to provide monthly food packs for poor families, sponsor widows and take care of orphans. Donate generously towards our wheelchair appeal and help us provide wheelchairs for the disabled in Yemen.

Disability in Gaza

According to official statistics from the Palestinian Census Bureau, about 48,000 people in Gaza, or about 2.4 per cent of the population, have a disability. More than one-fifth are children.

Some people acquired a disability following injuries stemming from the Israeli authorities’ use of force.

“More than a decade of Israeli restrictions have robbed people with disabilities in Gaza of their freedom of movement, and often access to the devices, electricity, and technology they need to communicate or leave their homes,” said Emina Ćerimović, senior researcher in the disability rights division at Human Rights Watch. “These policies, alongside the failure of Hamas authorities to address the lack of accessibility across Gaza and widespread stigma, contribute to making life in Gaza extraordinarily difficult for many people with disabilities.”

Between August 2018 and October 2020, Human Rights Watch interviewed 37 Gaza residents with physical, visual, and hearing disabilities, and family members of six children and one 18-year-old with disabilities. Human Rights Watch also interviewed representatives of 31 international and local organizations operating in Gaza, a representative of a company that imports assistive devices, and local government officials.

People of Gaza in general and people with disabilities in Gaza, in particular, are living a life in hell. Gaza is not safe for animals let alone for precious human beings living there. Bombs, violence, torture have become part of daily life for over 2 million people. As Muslims, it is our duty to take care of our brothers and sisters in need. HCR is distributing wheelchairs among disabled people in Gaza. We need your support. Donate a wheelchair or donate towards our disability fund and help us take care of the disabled around the world.

Islam: About taking care of weak & vulnerable

In the eyes of Allah, all human beings are equal. The only thing that makes one better than the other is their Taqwa (piety).

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another…” (49:13)

Therefore, if someone is disabled, it doesn’t mean their life is of less value. Rather, they have equal rights to everything. They have exact same rights to education, employment, dignity, and respect as any able person.

Jarir ibn Abdullah reported:

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him said, “Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to people.” Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī

Abu Darda reported:

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Seek out the vulnerable and weak among you. Verily, you are only given provision and support due to your support of the weak amongst you.” Sunan al-Tirmidhī

HCR: Taking care of the poor & the vulnerable since 2017

Every day HCR’s teams of aid workers and volunteers are helping the poor, the needy, and the vulnerable. We are providing them with food to eat through our ‘sponsor a food pack programme’ and clean drinking water through our ‘sponsor a water well’ programme. With your donations, we have had a positive impact on thousands of lives. Jazak’Allah khairan for your kind donations. Continue donating for …

  • Yemen Emergency Appeal
  • Gaza Emergency Appeal
  • Syria Crisis Appeal
  • Rohingya Crisis Appeal
  • Food Appeal
  • Water Appeal
  • Zakat Appeal

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