Syrian Refugees Emergency Appeal

Over 5.5 million people have fled the violence in Syria since 2011, seeking safety in Turkey, Jordan Lebanon and many other countries around the world. Millions are displaced and have become refugees within Syria.

In most of these cases, there is no hope in sight and each passing day is bringing more hunger and starvation. As Muslims living in peace and prosperity, it is our duty to help and take care of our Syrian brothers and sisters in need.

Help Syrian Refugee Families

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Save Syrian Refugee Lives – Act Now

Syrian Refugees are facing the toughest challenge a human being can face i.e. battle for survival, against hunger, thirst, violence and harshness of weather.

We need your support. Your generous donation can help save Syrian refugee lives.

Food Appeal For Syrian Refugees

With no end in sight, Syria remains the largest refugee crisis in the world. In Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, at least 70 per cent of refugee families live below the poverty line in temporary accommodations like camps. Decaying, overcrowded rooms without privacy, electricity or running water are some of the challenges Syrian families are facing on a daily basis.

HCR is on the ground, working tirelessly to protect vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Turkey near the Syrian border. We need your help to continue providing life-saving supplies to these families. Please donate today.

Sponsor a Food Pack for Yemen: £40

Water Appeal for Syrian Refugees

After food, the biggest crisis in Syrian refugee families are facing is access to water. There is not enough water to drinking never mind for washing, showering and making wudu.

Alhamdulillah, working with local authorities in refugee camps in Turkey near the Syrian border, we can deliver water to hundreds of families but this operation costs and this is where we need your support.

Donate Water Trucking for Syrian Refugees: £30

Sponsor a Water Storage Tank for Syrian Refugees: £100

Zakat Appeal for Syria

Zakat is an obligation on every Muslim who has wealth equivalent of Nisab for a Lunar year. Zakat has to be distributed amongst the poor and needy Muslims. As Muslims it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters in need, right now Syrian Refugees are in desperate need of our donation.

Save Syrian Refugee Lives with your Zakat.

Save Orphans & Widows

Life is hard enough in refugee camps for any normal family. And if you are an orphan or a widow taking care of your orphaned children then there aren’t many tougher places to live than refugee camps.

Alhamdulillah, over the years with your support we have built houses for hundreds of Syrian Widows but what we need is regular donations to continue support these orphans and widows on monthly basis.

Sponsor a Widow: £30 per month / £360 per year

Sponsor an Orphan: £30 per month / £360 per year

Gift a Toy for Syrian Child

The best way to bring happiness on a child’s face is to give him/her a toy.

HCR team is on the ground in Syrian refugee camps. With your help, we regularly distribute toys, clothes, books and stationery items. Help us continue this great project.

Donate a Toy for Syrian Child: £3

Syrian Refugees’ Winter Appeal

Everyone knows the harshness of winter. You feel cold even if you are in a house with heaters and heating system. Now just imagine the life of millions of Syrian refugee families living in camps and temporary accommodations.

All these families want is help towards the supply of heating fuel i.e. oil or coal. HCR team is on the ground helping Syrian Refugee families survive this Winter. We need your support.

Sponsor a Winter Coal Pack: £50

Each pack contains 12 coal bags which will last a Syrian Refugee Family for 3 months.

Syrian Refugee Appeal for People Living in Camps

Throughout the year our volunteers are on the ground in Syrian refugee camps. Alhamdulillah, with your support we have helped thousands of families with food, water, tents and clothes.

These families are in need of food aid on a monthly basis. Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s aid we regularly distribute food and hygiene kits amongst the residents of these campsites. However, we cannot do this without your support. We need your donations to feed these people. Donate generously and give the gift of food and water.

Why Syrian Refugees?

A man-made crisis that has taken this beautiful country and it’s people to the brink. After reading these figures, you will understand the scale of this crisis and why charities like us are asking for donations to help Syrians in need.

  • 13.1 million – Syrian people in need in Syria
  • 6.6 million – internally displaced person
  • 3 million – people in hard-to-reach areas
  • 5.5 million – fled the country and are living as refugees across the world

The Syrian Refugee Camp in which we are working

Camp Karfanat for Syrian refugees

Belkıs Merkez, 27700

Syrian Refugees Living Around the World

  • Turkey – 3.6 million
  • Lebanon – 915,000
  • Jordan – 650,000
  • Iraq – 250,000
  • Egypt – 130,000

After reading these numbers, you now know why Syrian are crying for help. By sponsoring a food pack you will not only provide food to a Muslim family but you will help bring smiles to their faces.

Why Should We Help People of Syria?

  1. “The believers are nothing else than brothers. So make reconciliation between your brothers, and fear Allah, that you may receive mercy.” (Al-Hujurāt, 10)
  2. Imām Ahmad (12734) reported from Ibn `Umar (radiyallāhu `anhumā) from the Messenger (ﷺ):“The servant of Allāh will not reach true imān until he loves for the people the good which he loves for himself.”

Above ayah and the hadith clearly shows that as a Muslim it is our duty to take care of our brothers and sisters in need.

Syrians are in crisis. They are starving and they need food. Save Lives and sponsor a food pack for Syrian Refugees.

Reminder – Before You Make a Donation

Ensure your intention is to donate sincerely for the sake of Allah alone. Thereafter don’t forget to make Dua for your donation to be accepted by Allah. Finally, remember this Naseeha from al-Quran.

Build a Masjid

O you who believe! Do not nullify your charitable deeds (Sadaqah) with reminders and hurtful words. (al-Baqarah – 264)

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