Feed the World this Ramadan

with Da’wah Man

This Ramadan, help me raise funds to feed the poor & needy Muslims. In Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Afghanistan and Rohingya Camps in Bangladesh millions are facing Ramadan without food. Humanity Care Relief is on the ground in these countries, with your generous support we will be providing Ramadan food packs for thousands of families. Every food pack will be delivered to families in need. Donate a food pack to help us feed widows, orphans, and people living below the poverty line.

Some of the beneficiaries to who we will distribute food parcels to are under oppression and living in war zones where their worries are not just finding food but preserving their lives. Let’s give them hope and take away at least one of their worries.

Feed the Fasting Ramadan 2022

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Virtues of Feeding the Hungry

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said in a hadeeth Qudsi: “O son of Adam I was hungry and you did not feed me,” the slave will say; “O Allah you are lord of the worlds,” Allah replies to him: “My slave so and so was hungry and you did not feed him, had you fed him you would have found me with him…

Let’s not be negligent towards the rights these poor and oppressed people have over us. Let us hope for our reward from Allah and donate as much as we can.

One food parcel costs £40, please donate one for each country, if you cannot then donate whatever you can.

May Allah accept your kindness and repay you in this life and the next. Ameen

Give Food for Gaza

  • Over 2 million Gazans are living in an open-air prison for decades
  • 50% of adults in Gaza are unemployed
  • 38% of the Gaza population is living below the poverty line
  • Over 75% of Gazans are heavily dependant on humanitarian aid

£40 will provide food for a family for a family in Gaza

Feed Syrian Families

  • 13.1 million – Syrians in need
  • 6.6 million – internally displaced person
  • 3 million – people in hard-to-reach areas
  • 5.5 million – fled the country and are living as refugees throughout the world

Give the gift of food for Syrian family this Ramadan – £40

Food for Yemeni Children

  • 22 million Yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid
  • 16 million Yemenis lack access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation
  • 15 million people of Yemen are food insecure
  • 5 million are facing a shortage of food to dangerous levels

Yemen needs food NOW – Donate a Food Pack

Afghanistan Needs Food

  • Food prices have skyrocketed because the international community has frozen the Afghan government’s assets
  • For over four decades Afghanistan has been dependent on humanitarian aid, this was all taken away as soon as foreign forces left the country

This Ramadan millions of Afghan families will struggle to provide food to young and old. Alhamdulillah, Humanity Care Relief is on the ground in Afghanistan and in refugee camps across the Afghan-Pakistan border. Since the evacuation of international forces, we have been providing life-saving food packs to hundreds of families.

Donate as little as £10 and help provide food for Afghan families

Feed Rohingya Muslims

Rohingya Muslims – One of the most persecuted communities in the world

Rohingya Refugee Camps – most inhumane place housing nearly one million Rohingya Muslim Refugees

There is no end in sight 

As Muslims it is our duty to take care of the weak, right now there is probably no other community weaker than Rohingya Muslims living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Help us provide food packs and iftar packs for families facing starvation.

Donate a Ramadan Food Pack for Rohingya Muslim Family – £40

Our Ramadan Food Pack Content

A food pack’s content differs from country to country, however, each food pack consists of local food.

Example: Our Yemen food pack consists of

  • 25kg Flour
  • 10kg Rice
  • 5kg Sugar
  • 1.5litre Cooking Oil
  • 1 kg Dates
  • Salt and Spices

This food will insha’Allah provide a family of 4-5 with enough food for a whole month.

Please note that this is just for guide, Humanity Care Relief cannot guarantee that the food will last for a month. We have created our food packs in a way that most items will last the whole month due to their consumption in main meals only.

Families don’t just eat this they also need to buy meat and vegetables to cook.

Whilst we cannot provide financial assistance to every family, we do help many widows and families with disabled fathers with financial support from our Zakat fund, so the families can have nutritional food throughout the month.

It is often the case that when we are distributing food packs in refugee camps and poor communities, there are more people in need of food packs than what we have for the area. In this case, Humanity Care Relief reduces the size of the food pack per family to help as many families as possible. Unfortunately, this happens quite often because the situation in these camps changes on daily basis. New families arrive all the time. But one thing is guaranteed your donation reaches the people who need it the most.

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