Donate a Water Well

Hundreds of children die everyday due to not having access to clean drinking water.  However, with reliable access to clean water, these lives can be saved. Provide clean water by building a well or pump in your name or that of a loved one.

Through our water projects we’re building wells in countries across the world. We have team of volunteers on ground in Pakistan, Yemen, Uganda and other Africa countries who are building water wells on daily basis. These water wells are providing safe water to drink, wash, clean, to grow crops and to hydrate animals. This can lead to healthier lives, a better chance to go to school or work and a route out of poverty.

We would love you to become part of this great cause.

Reminder – Before You Make a Donation

Ensure your intention is to donate sincerely for the sake of Allah alone. Thereafter don’t forget to make Dua for your donation to be accepted by Allah. Finally, remember this Naseeha from al-Quran.

O you who believe! Do not nullify your charitable deeds (Sadaqah) with reminders and hurtful words. (al-Baqarah – 264)