Our Charity Work in Morocco

Despite a surge in Moroccan tourism in last decade, poverty is still very high in many areas of the country. Humanity Care Relief works in Agadir, region.

We support many families, elderly and orphans. Over the years we have provided poor and needy people of Agadir with food packs.

We also support many orphans in the area. We provide funding for their accommodation as well as pay the cost of their education and health care. All this great work is possible with your help. Continue supporting us to fund these projects.

Reminder – Before You Make a Donation

Ensure your intention is to donate sincerely for the sake of Allah alone. Thereafter don’t forget to make Dua for your donation to be accepted by Allah. Finally, remember this Naseeha from al-Quran.

O you who believe! Do not nullify your charitable deeds (Sadaqah) with reminders and hurtful words. (al-Baqarah – 264)