Our Charity Work in Kashmir

Kashmir (LOC area) is one of the most dangerous area to live. Every time there is an escalation of conflict between Pakistan and India people living near the LOC get hit the hardest.

Poverty is very common in this area. People struggle to make ends meat due to lack of business and basic infrastructure like roads. We regularly distribute food packs amongst the poor and needy of this area. We also support many local schools provide education for the children who cannot afford to pay the cost of uniform and stationery.

Right now Humanity Care Relief is working in Kashmir to improve Education, Build Masjids in Poor Areas, Distribute Food Packs amongst the poor and needy and build water wells in remote parts.

We need your support. Your generous donation can bring a positive change in someone’s life.

Reminder – Before You Make a Donation

Ensure your intention is to donate sincerely for the sake of Allah alone. Thereafter don’t forget to make Dua for your donation to be accepted by Allah. Finally, remember this Naseeha from al-Quran.

O you who believe! Do not nullify your charitable deeds (Sadaqah) with reminders and hurtful words. (al-Baqarah – 264)