Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Afghan children are battling malnutrition and measles as 23m face extreme hunger – UN

Since Kabul fell to the Taliban and they retook control of Afghanistan. During that time, the economy has been in free fall and overwhelming the medical system, which has struggled to cope with the spread of Covid. Hunger is everywhere. Millions are at risk of starvation.

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What is the scale of the crisis in Afghanistan?

If you see around the country, you can see poverty, hunger and separation. Our team has visited numerous remote villages and saw the state of people. There is sheer poverty everywhere. The poverty that we have never witnessed before, other than in Rohingya, Syrians and Yemeni Refugee Camps.

Right now, Afghans are struggling to survive. Hospitals are struggling to cope. The war is over in Afghanistan but hunger is a new threat to the lives of the most vulnerable in society. Millions of mothers are desperately waiting for nutrition packs for their malnourished babies.

Its like this every day. Its been this way for 4- 5 months. Hospital admissions are increasing. Most beds are full and wards are crowded. There’s no space inside.

A Father visiting with sick child

We have nothing. We have no food. My children are sick. We don’t have money for food or medicine. Why isnt the world helping us?

Cry of a mum struggling to provide food for her children

Why donate for Afghanistan Emergency Appeal?

Over one million Afghan children are at risk of starvation. With international funding cut off following the Taliban takeover. Afghanistan’s aid-dependent economy is collapsing at an alarming rate. Life for many here has always been hard but with food prices and unemployment rising more families than ever recorded are going hungry.

Humanity Care Relief is on the ground in Afghanistan and in Afghan Refugee Camps near the Afghan-Pakistan border. Since international forces’ withdrawal, we have been helping hundreds of families with food aid. Throughout the winter months, we supplied food packs, organised hot meals and provided winter packs for hundreds of Afghan families. All this was made possible with your generous support. Donate now and help us feed Afghan families.

My message to the international community is: this is the worst situation we have faced. Please deliver humanitarian aid especially food, water and medicine to the people. Negotiate with the Islamic Emirates & release Afghanistan’s frozen funds.

Words of a doctor in a local hospital at the outskirts of Kabul

Afghanistan Crisis – Save the Vulnerable

As an Islamic Charity in the UK, our focus has always been to take care of the vulnerable no matter where they are from. Since 2017, we have been helping the poor and needy across the world. Through Syria Emergency Appeal, we helped thousands of Syrian families in need, funds raised from Yemen Emergency Appeal were used to provide life-saving food and water aid to thousands of Yemeni families, Gaza Crisis Appeal helped us provide food, shelter and water aid to Gazan families and throughout the years, assisted Rohingya Muslims with the help of donations received via Rohingya Crisis Appeal.

Right now, Afghanistan needs us. The one thing Afghan families need now and for the months and years to come is food. Donate a food pack and help provide for an Afghan family in Afghanistan or in Afghan Refugee Camps.

The situation in Afghanistan is Deteriorating Fast

Even though Afghanistan is not in the news anymore, does this mean their situation has improved? The answer is no. The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating fast. Not enough humanitarian aid is getting into the country. A country that has been heavily dependent on foreign aid for over three decades has been left alone without any support or help from the international community.

The scale of this Afghanistan’s problems means that much more is needed. The country needs continuous support from charities and richer countries.

Even before the Taliban take over, 75% of public spending in Afghanistan came from foreign grants. Every economist knew that this model is not sustainable. Now, Alhamdulillah, Afghanistan is free of violence, people’s lives and property are safe. However, this might not continue for long as there is hunger everywhere. As Muslims living in the west, whom Allah has blessed with wealth and security, it is our duty to take care of our brothers and sisters facing hunger, poverty, injustice and persecution.

We know we cannot do much about the situation in Afghanistan but we can help Afghans one family at a time. Insha’Allah one day we will see a prosperous Afghanistan.

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