Never ending cycle of tragedy

When will this world become a peaceful place to live. Wherever you look at its conflict, more than half of the world’s conflicts are just alone in the Middle East. Since 9/11, this beautiful part of the world has been turned into living hell for millions of people.

Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya one by one each of these countries became graveyards of millions of Muslims. Unfortunately, international involvement doesn’t help and fuel the domestic tensions into wars.

Out of all these countries, Palestine has been suffering this brutality the longest. Since 1948, no one is willing to listen to the cries of the people of Palestine. Israel treats them as it wishes, bombed them, blocks them from the rest of the world when it wants. No one is there to stop them.

We wish we could do something to bring peace to these lands. Unfortunately, we cannot do much apart from providing food & shelter aid for our brothers & sisters in need. We will continue doing that until Allah’s help will arrive for our brothers & sisters facing persecution and torture at the hands of tyrants across the world.

Humanity Care Relief is a registered UK Muslim Charity. We are a non-profit Muslim charitable organisation striving to improve Muslim lives across the globe. All our charitable work is carried out by a dedicated team of volunteers.

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